Soul MIssion - working with the soul of your biz

Access the Akasha Field of Knowledge for Your Business

Your Business has a Soul and it picked you because YOU ARE THE MOST LIKELY TO CREATE ITS PLATFORM FOR SUCCESS. Are you aligned with its purpose? Learn how.

Next 5 Week Session Begins Wednesday May 1st

Take Your Business to The Quantum Field

Here’s the truth about you and your business’s relationship.

You did not pick it… nor is your business YOU.

It picked you… and it has its own soul contracts with a segment of humanity that formed it out of their needs, wants, desires, and potentials.

Discover Its Higher Purpose

Go to the Akasha in the Quantum Field to Access its Soul Blueprint

Now is the time to connect at a soul level

 as a true partner with your business’s Soul.

Learn how to start listening and following the blueprint laid out for you.

Learn How to Work in the Akasha Energy in 

Five  3-hour sessions



By the end of 5 Weeks you will:

It's Time to Build Trust

Trust that the Soul of your Business has a plan for its success. It has Soul Contracts to complete.

 All you need to do is:

number 1

Follow the Blueprint: The success of its mission is laid out for you to follow. You learn what to ask, listen and which steps to take

number 2

Stick to the process: you will have accountability and coaching to help you succeed

number 3

Learn how Receive rather than Do, do , do: Have your business provide for you

number 4

Receiving strategic direction: The right next steps to align with its mission

number 5

Clear your money blocks: They come in layers, lots and lots of them. Your finaincial success depends on it

What Graduates Are Saying:

What's Included?


bonus 1: 8 - 20 minute Business Building Audio Trainings with Work Sheets

Module 1: How to Prepare for Success
Module 2: How to Pick Your Project
Module 3: Creating a 90 Day Plan
Module 4: How to Play Bigger
Module 5: Dealing with Fear
Module 6: Learn Effective Time Management
Module 7: Feeling Phony: It’s not you, it’s Imposter Syndrome
Module 8: How to Take Strategic Action

bonus 2: 20% Discount on 'I need Clarity Now! 2- hour Coaching Call

$997 Value!

In our time together, we work to give you clear and concise impactful next steps to build value to attract your best clients. Stop chasing and start building.

Need more 1:1? It’s all about you! Schedule a 1:1 call anytime during the Mastermind program to dive deeper into your business and personal needs. You pick the time when you are ready.

bonus 3: The Law of Receiving Meditation

Are you in receivership of when your ideas and dreams start to form and bring your more in your life?

There is so much more to Law of Attraction because you can attract things for short amount of time. When it comes to holding on to your abundance it’s all about being able to receive what you so desire. This meditation is a powerful reminder that we must be open and clear to receive. It will open up and clear what stands in your way of fully manifesting what you want and holding on to it, so you can build what your Soul planned for you in this lifetime.

This meditation also works for your business. Unlock the ‘secrets to receiving’ lying dormant inside of you.

I recorded this meditation to remind you of just how magnificent you are and that your special-ness is needed to uplift humanity. But you can’t do that if you aren’t able to receive fully.

meet business coach linda berger

Meet Linda Berger

I’m Linda Berger, Mentor, Business Coach and International Soul Wisdom Akashic Teacher/Consultant. For over 25 years I’ve been mentoring business owners on making a profound impact in their businesses in order to make a bigger impact in the world and their personal lives.

My Super Power is that I’m fluent in two languages: The language of strategic business and the language of the Soul (the woowoo stuff). 

When you combine the two, you receive powerful changes to your business and life. Remember, your business picked YOU. Finding clarity of purpose while gaining confidence in taking next steps are all you have to do to create a powerful impact in your life, business, and relationships.

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