About Linda

I coach business owners to confidently make business decisions that grow their business and increase their income.

Banish Self-Doubt and
Grow Your Business

For over 25 years I’ve been mentoring business owners to make a profound impact through their businesses to better their personal lives. Through Soul-based business coaching, we focus on removing roadblocks so you make business decisions confidently.

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How I met the records

'I just knew I had to show up"

In 1996 a friend of mine introduced me to an Akashic Record reading. At that time I didn’t consider myself spiritual but something drove me to call and make an appointment right then and there. I had no idea what the Akashic records were, how much the reading cost or what to expect. I never asked. It was like a switch flipped on and I had to show up.

My professional background had been real estate: building an award winning, multi-million-dollar producing sales team but that wasn’t enough; something was missing.

I returned to the Akashic Records which guided me to become a coach and trainer full time. Once I saw the benefits my clients received in making more money quickly, I incorporated Akashic Records into all my coaching and training.

Discover your business’s purpose

Discover the 7 Essential Questions to Ask the Soul of Your Business

Maximize Your Impact and Your Income

When you work with an Expert who understands how to strategically grow a business and has the experience of navigating the knowledge of the Soul of a business, you quickly maximize your impact, your income and your life. I am that Expert.

results clients have gotten:

  • Found her calling
  • Built a team
  • Built an empowering system for divorcing couples
  • Launched her dream project
  • Increased client base and fees
  • Expanded her business
  • Is happy and productive

Ready to banish self-doubt and build confidence?

If you KNOW you want to make a bigger impact in your business and life but don’t know how to accomplish it…

If you make BIG plans but get lost in the details…

Or if you don’t know the next steps you need to take within your business…

Together we can change all that and create something Soulful and powerful.