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Meet Linda Berger

Linda educates and coaches business owners to realize their full financial potential through accessing the Soul of their business. By implementing a new paradigm, Linda teaches owners how to create a greater impact, become more purpose driven and make more money.

We serve business owners who are experiencing self-doubt or have overwhelm and big ideas without clarity of how to achieve those goals. Together we build your company to create Revenue with Purpose.

“Linda teaches in a clear and concise way all while supporting all of her students beautifully. Linda provides the tools and support that you need to access and consult the Souls records with ease.”
-Nancy Rush

"What have you done, Linda?"

Suddenly overwhelmed with self-doubt and fixated on what I could have done to make a client leave her coaching program so suddenly. Then, in a panic, I kept thinking, “This is my only client left because of Covid. What did I do wrong? I don’t have any more revenue…”

Until that day, I’d painstakingly separated my two businesses, strategic coaching, and Akashic Record consulting/teaching. I kept one in the metaphorical closet (the spiritual one), and the other in front and center (coaching). My coaching clients knew me as Coach Linda Berger, a strategic business coach. My Akashic clients knew me as the heart-centered spiritual consultant/teacher who gave them the soul guidance they wanted and needed to change their lives.

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